This Is The Simplest Way To Make Sure You Always Have Emergency Candles (Video)


If you’ve ever experienced an extended power outage you know that having enough light to see at night is critical for your safety.  While most people think a few store bought candles will work, you’d be surprised how quickly you can go through those candles if you lose your power for a few days.  In this simple, to the point video, Chris of Adeldor DIY demonstrates how easy it is to make candles that will burn for quite a long time.  While Chris shows this being made just with either the lard or vegetable shortening, you could add an essential oil to the heated oil to create a scented candle.  This really is simple way to make sure you’re never without light.

Special note:  Adeldor DIY takes a minimalist approach to their videos so there’s no voice over – just the video demonstration and text as to what to use.  I like their simple production.

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