5 Ways To Start A Fire Using Things You Already Have In Your Home (Video)


Fire starters are expensive to buy and really a waste of money if you know how to make your own.  Whether for camping, a fireplace, a fire pit or the patio it’s a good idea to know several different ways to start a fire.  The Household Hacker shows you 5 interesting ways to start a fire using things you have around the house.  You may have seen some of these but there’s probably at least one that will surprise you.

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How To Turn An Egg Carton Into A Long Burning Fire Starter (Video)


You start a fire and before it can catch the flame blows out and you have to try again.  How many times have you done that?  While there are plenty of ways to start a fire, keeping it burning till it can catch is the real trick to getting a decent fire going.  This egg carton fire starter hack from the Crazy Russian Hacker is a great way to make sure your flame keeps going until it can catch.

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