How To Build A Basic Bug Out Bag Survival Kit For $1 (Video)


If you’ve ever tried to assemble the essential items you need for a bug out bag you know that it can be overwhelming as to what to pack and more importantly how to pack it so that your bug out bag is easy to carry.  Kipkay shows you how he created a simple bug out bag survival kit that can fit into a pill bottle.

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How To Make A Skivvy Roll


Do you know how to make a skivvy roll?  It’s a simple way to make sure you have the essential underwear packed into a small and neat space.  Whether you’re going on a business trip, a vacation or preparing your bug out bag, a skivvy roll is a great way to pack.  Sootch, the Sensible Prepper, shows you a simple way to make a skivvy roll that will fit neatly into a bug out bag and not take up a lot of space.

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If You Love Your Family You Need To See These Emergency Prep Tips From An Ex-Green Beret! (Video)


Whether you’re new to emergency or disaster preparedness planning or not, this video from ex-Green Beret, Lance Jones is filled with great information on how to be prepared for a disaster.  While Lance created this video with the thought of getting people on the West Coast prepared for the possibility of a severe earthquake, the information he shares is applicable to anyone who is concerned with protecting themselves and their family in any kind of emergency.

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If You Love Your Family You Need To See These Emergency Prep Tips From An Ex-Green Beret! (Video)

With Just Soda Caps And Glue You Can Have Lightweight, Waterproof Storage In Your Pack Or Bug Out Bag (Video)


Whether you camp, hike or just like to make sure you have the essentials for a bug out bag, you know that carrying space is limited in all those situations.  And besides space, weight is an issue as well.  If you’re looking for a way to carry more things in less space with less weight you’re going to like these soda cap storage devices from Grant Thompson – the King of Random.

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Who Knew The Lowly Paper Clip Could Be An Essential Survival Tool! (Video)


Did you know that you should always have paper clips in your survival pack and bug out bag?  Those handy little devices that we’ve all used to keep papers organized can easily be adapted to fix a myriad of problems.  The SensiblePrepper shows you how adapt paper clips to solve all kinds of problems, some of which will surprise you.

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