Finally! A Way To Truly Be Off The Grid! Tesla Announces Battery That Can Power A Home! (Video)


Have you dreamed or hoped for an alternative way to power your home that really does work?  If you’ve been watching the improvements in solar power you know that it’s come a very long way in efficiency but it is still limited by how much power you can store to use when it’s nighttime.  With the announcement from the Tesla Company of its new battery that can store enough solar energy to power a home completely for 2 days that dream may become reality.  While that doesn’t seem like much, it would be a huge benefit in a weather emergency when the power was down.  The actual design of the battery as described by TomoNews US in this short news clip is to make it feasible for a home owner to power their home during the day with solar cells and then reconnect to the grid for any nighttime use.  This is an amazing breakthrough.

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