This Doctor Took Down His Video On Natural Flu Relief But Was Forced To Post It Again! (Video)


If you’re starting to feel a cold or flu coming on you can use hydrogen peroxide to reduce and eliminate the symptoms.  Dr. Joseph Mercola shares this old health advice of holding a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in your ears for a few minutes to help with cold and flu symptoms.

Of course I was curious as to why this works so well.  As I researched the information, the common thought is that because there are lymph nodes very close to the ear area, putting hydrogen peroxide into the ears even for a few minutes allows oxygen in be absorbed by the lymph nodes very quickly which in turn helps the lymphatic system fight off the infection faster.

Be sure to watch Dr. Mercola’s video all the way through as he shares why he took the video down but then was pressured by all his subscribers to put it back up.  This is really great information. Thanks, Dr. Mercola!

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