Did You Know You Can Make Char Cloth In A Tuna Can? (Video)


Using a can of tuna and cotton, you can make your own char cloth.   Grant Thompson – the King of Random shares his experiments and successes in making char cloth starting with a tuna can and a cotton t-shirt.  He recommends that you cut the can open with a can opener that cuts under the rim.  That way you’ll have a lid that you can fit back onto the can.  However, if you don’t have that kind of can opener, he also shows you how he made char cloth using a glass baby food jar and mint tins.  To create char cloth you have to cook the fabric without burning it which means you’ll have heat it up to at least 400° Celsius – that’s 750° Fahrenheit.  So whether you use a solar cooker or an open flame, be very careful with this extreme heat, follow his instructions for handling the char cloth throughout the process and of course, make sure the kids are closely supervised.  This is really good way to make sure you have plenty of char cloth.  I know you’ll like Grant’s technique.

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