Did You Know This Traditional Native American Recipe Is The Perfect Survival Bread? (Video)


Did you know that bannock is the perfect survival bread?  Perfect because the dry ingredients can be mixed together and stored for quite some time.  And then when it’s time to fry it all you need to do is add water.  Today I’m sharing a great recipe for bannock from Jay del Corro, the Aimless Cook.  I like his recipe because it’s simple and can easily be dressed up with whatever additional items you want to toss into it.  Depending on how thick you make the batter, bannock can be made into flat pancake like shapes or with a thicker batter you can wrap it around a hotdog and fry it.  While I’ve seen other bannock recipes, most of those use a lot more sugar which is fine if you like sweet bread but the larger sugar content makes it more difficult to keep it from burning.  In a camping or emergency situation it may be difficult to control the heat of your skillet if you’re cooking on an open flame.  I think you’ll like this recipe for its tastiness, versatility and storability.

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