Did You Know This Traditional Native American Recipe Is The Perfect Survival Bread? (Video)


Have you heard of bannock?  Bannock is a traditional 1st nation recipe for delicious bread that can be easily fried.  That’s right; it doesn’t need to be baked which makes it the perfect survival bread.  The dry ingredients can be pre-mixed together and stored in an air-tight container where they’ll stay fresh for quite some time.  Then when you want to make it all you need to do is add water and fry.  This recipe from Jay del Corro, the Aimless Cook, is really tasty and especially easy to make.  Once you try this you won’t want to keep this just for emergencies.

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Did You Know This Traditional Native American Recipe Is The Perfect Survival Bread? (Video)

You Can Always Have Safe Drinking Water With This 2 Stage DIY Water Filtration System (Video)


Clean, safe drinking water is essential for survival.  If you’d like to make sure that you can have plenty, you need to see this 2 stage water filtration system devised by desertsun02.  Using basic filtering supplies along with an ingenious copper coil heating system he shows you how you can set up a water filter system that not only filters the water but distills it as well.

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This Simple Little Emergency Water Filtration Kit Could Save Your Life! (Video)


Who knew you could make an emergency water filter kit that fits into a prescription bottle? Whether you’re an avid hiker, camper or just someone who likes to be prepared for any emergency, you’ll appreciate this great video from John, the IntenseAngler. John shows you how to make an emergency water filtration kit that will easily fit into a backpack or bug out bag.

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